There’s no quality IT anymore. Two Czech companies know what to do about it

PPCE - 2023/09/06


These are positions where a person can earn hundreds of thousands a month, yet they remain unfilled. Petyovský & Partners and Nymble have a solution – to make the whole process of relocation and labour immigration as simple as possible for foreigners.

Prague, September 6, 2023 – To prepare everything on a plate for them – that is the goal of two successful Czech companies that help foreign and Czech companies find and hire highly qualified workers, especially in the IT sector.

According to statistics, 66 percent of companies in the Czech Republic have difficulty filling positions. IT specialists are the hardest to find. There is currently a shortage of about 20,000 IT specialists in the Czech Republic. It is becoming even more difficult for a large technology company or start-up to find a senior IT specialist.

That is why two Czech companies decided to cooperate and signed a memorandum that aims to simplify this lengthy process for companies looking for workers abroad. 

Money does not play the main role…

For a long time now, it’s not the pay itself that plays a major role, but everything around it – the smooth running of the whole process from finding a suitable candidate to settling them in a new country and dealing with all the bureaucratic formalities. Which is still a long haul in the Czech Republic, although the situation is gradually improving.

“If a company has global ambitions, sooner or later it has to look outside the Czech Republic. And especially for more senior candidates, it is not only the salary and attractiveness of the position itself that is more important, but also how well the immigration and relocation process is covered,” says Miroslav Vaško from Nymble.

Unique solutions from Czech experts

The current steps taken by Petyovský & Partners and Nymble will be appreciated especially by multinational corporations and startups (both Czech and foreign), which are establishing research and development centres in the Czech Republic. For them, the experts from Petyovský & Partners provide everything related to immigration, relocation and taxation of foreign workers. But this is only part of the work. Before that, you need to find that particular person.

“We start working only when the client has found his new employee. Thanks to our partnership with Nymble, we are able to offer our clients a unique solution in the market – from recruitment, to arranging the necessary work and residence permits, to arranging housing, to dealing with international taxation issues, to helping them obtain citizenship. Nobody else can do that,” explains Mirek Mejtský from Petyovský & Partners.