Relo‐cation Services

Embarking on an international assignment can be an exciting opportunity for an employee, but it can also be overwhelming. At Petyovský & Partners, we understand the challenges of relocating to a new country, and we offer comprehensive relocation services to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for your employees and their families.

Every need in the new country

Upon arriving into the new country, the employee and their family usually have many different needs and we are here to take care of them all. Our wide range of services includes pre-assignment planning, home search, school search, immigration support, settling-in assistance, orientation programs, and ongoing support throughout the assignment.

Finding the right home

Home is among our most important needs. Without one, we can never perform at our best. That’s why our relocation specialists put great care to work closely with the employees to understand their preferences and requirements. They do everything to assist them in finding suitable housing options that meet their needs and budget. We provide support in negotiating lease agreements, reviewing contracts, and ensuring a smooth move-in process.

Smart school search

Building a better life for their children is one of the top motivations for most employees. It is only natural, then, that they wish to find great schools for them. Our relocation experts help your employees navigate the education system in the destination country, provide information on schools, assist with enrollment, and help with other related documentation. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free school search process for your employees, ensuring that their children have a successful educational experience.

Settling in easy

Moving to a new country involves many practicalities, and we provide comprehensive settling-in assistance to make the transition easier for your employees. Our services include assistance with opening bank accounts, obtaining local SIM cards, registering with local authorities, setting up utilities, and familiarizing employees with local culture and customs. We ensure that your employees feel welcomed and supported from the moment they arrive in their new destination.

Ongoing Support

We understand that the relocation process does not end when the moving is finished. Our team provides ongoing support throughout the assignment to address any challenges or concerns that may arise. We offer continuous assistance with immigration matters, provide support for renewing permits, offer guidance on local laws and regulations, and provide solutions to any issues that may arise during the assignment. Our goal is to ensure that your employees and their families have a smooth and successful stay in their new home.


With our comprehensive relocation services, your employees can focus on their work and settle into their new destination smoothly. Partner with Petyovský & Partners to ensure a seamless and hassle-free relocation experience for your employees and their families.